Glovdi: The smart way and the future of wearable devices

When talking about wearable devices, you usually expect to see a purpose-built device. That purpose is usually surrounding a specific area, whether that is fitness trackers for monitoring insights to your health, smartwatches or anything else that solves a particular issue that we face on a daily basis. While it is important to solve several problems that we face, solving all of these issues with one device was not a thing up until the Glovdi era begun. Glovdi is a wearable device that provides a three in one solution: it is a smartphone, a fitness tracker and a smartwatch altogether.

Glovdi Technological Innovations is a newly introduced startup in the field of wearable telecommunications, providing a disruptive solution to an issue that the Founders themselves have faced; the difficulty for one to carry and use their smartphone while exercising at the same time. A very good example that illustrates this is when people have to stop cycling or running in order to check their route or how much they’ve run on their smartphone or their smartwatch, in which case the person can actually get involved in accidents. While fitness trackers and smartwatches can be paired with smartphones to track several health related insights, “they are not as efficient as expected while exercising”, as the Cypriot Founders, Constantinos Pouyioukka and Joseph Katsioloudes state.

The device is aimed at all sports enthusiasts and people who engage in several activities that demand physical movement such as hunting, fishing etc.. What will it offer? It will offer two touch screens, a camera, will be waterproof and will allow the users to control actions through hand gestures (mind blowing).

Whilst Glovdi is entering the market without running a monopoly in the field of wearable gloves, the ambition of the company goes beyond a device that can be connected to your smartphone; it aims to become your smartphone. Instead of carrying it, why not wear it? Probably the future that everyone needs, without knowing it… and it soon will be everyone’s present.

The Glovdi team has been pretty active in attending and pitching at multiple events. As a result, the Glovdi team has accomplished amazing achievements, winning the audience’s heart by receiving the most votes at the TechHub Demo Night‘s live voting that took place on the 2nd February 2016 and were finalists for the “London International Student Innovation Awards 2016”, an initiative by ‘Mayor of London and Partners’. They’ve also been invited and attended HardTalk London, where they had the opportunity to pitch about their product and innovation business. Amongst the attendants, partners and sponsors were also, Qualcomm, Xacti, Indiegogo and many others. The founders have also attended the MiSK Hackathon that took place in London over the 25-27th November. 

Mr. Constantinos Pouyioukka, the founder and CEO of Glovdi pitching at HardTalk London.


Glovdi Technological Innovations in between the partners and sponsors of the MiSK Hackathon
Glovdi Technological Innovations in between the partners and sponsors of the MiSK Hackathon

One thing I personally admire about this product is the innovation that it brings back to the table. Being continuously introduced with new smartphones and other devices that only provide the users with new features and no actual innovation into their products, makes me (and I hope a lot of you) wonder: Does innovation still exist? Glovdi answered this question to me. And what is even greater is the vision of the company, which is to have a fully wearable world in the future! Well, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Glovdi will be here soon and will be here to stay! 


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