This is not a real person. This is a digital human!

Autodesk’s AVA chatbot is the ultimate customer service agent: empathetic, patient and unflappable under pressure. AVA, which stands for Autodesk Virtual Agent, was designed by New Zealand AI startup Soul Machines to have “emotions” and a virtual “nervous system” to listen to customers’ voices and respond to queries with human-like precision.

Why it’s important

Customer service is notoriously difficult for even the most patient of humans. If artificial intelligence models can help humans feel understood and help resolve their most urgent requests with speed and accuracy, businesses all over the world would be able to serve their market in a highly scalable fashion.

With her new face and brain, AVA’s getting a promotion from call center staffer to brand ambassador. “We really strongly feel that if AVA is to be the front door into Autodesk, people need to feel like AVA is a great first solution and not yet another deflection mechanism,” says Spratto.


The 3D design software maker Autodesk is trying to achieve something similar online with a help service that allows people to interact with what sure looks like an actual human. The company says that next year it will introduce a new version of its Autodesk Virtual Agent (AVA) avatar, with an exceedingly lifelike face, voice, and set of “emotions” provided by a New Zealand AI and effects startup called Soul Machines. Born in February as a roughly sketched avatar on a chat interface, AVA’s CGI makeover will turn her into a hyper-detailed, 3D-rendered character–what Soul Machines calls a digital human.



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Sources: Peter Diamandis Newsletter, Fast Company, Soul Machines.

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