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The #iCoinSummit is a two-day event where, besides educational talks and panels around the disruptive innovative blockchain technology, a competition for start-ups will also be held. This competition is taking place for the first time in the world, in Cyprus since it is the first time that a collective investment prize pool will be given to the winner of the contest, worth a total of $250,000, from institutional investors and entrepreneurs from the world of blockchain and crypto-currencies.

What is an ICO?

ICO- Initial Coin Offering is a new way of raising funds – which, unfortunately, is still not governed or regulated yet – which brings together investment funds for a new company, with the issuance of crypto-currencies or tokens. Initial coin offering (ICO) is used by start-ups to bypass the strictly regulated, expensive and time-consuming process of capital growth required by business circles or banks while using blockchain technology and everything that this entails. During the attempt to raise funds via an ICO, a percentage of the amount of these specialty currencies is sold to early promoters in exchange for dollars, euros or other crypto-currencies coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Who will be attending?

#iCoinSummit are expecting about 30 speakers from around the world, 16 startups competing for the prize, more exhibiting at the venue, as well as institutional investors, academics, foreign and domestic regulators and active members of the banking and financial sector of Cyprus and abroad. They are also enabling students to attend and learn about the emerging blockchain industry and experience real case studies through this entrepreneurial contest – with a significantly reduced ticket price of 65 euros. The organizers are ardent supporters of technology, academics, and companies active in this field. All information on exhibitors and speakers is available on the icoinsummit.com website.

The 16 #Blockchain startups, who will be competing in the ICO Battle feature some of the most prominent projects, including Decenternet, Loyakk , Heptapolis Energy and Coineru Click To Tweet

Why is it happening?

#iCoinSummit is aimed at bringing all the above and the public together and educating them about the new technology, informing them about emerging risks and opportunities, and promoting the regulation and supervision of this new industry by bringing all in a round table discussion.

When and Where?

The event will be held in Limassol, Cyprus at the Atlantica Oasis Hotel, on the 9th and 10th of May, from 9am to 6PM. This truly unique event is taking place for the first time ever, as to help promote Cyprus as a fertile ground for development of entrepreneurship and innovation, coupled with strict supervision, less corruption and more transparency in all levels of society through the use of blockchain technology.

#iCoinSummit is hitting the new heights.

#iCoinSummit announced its upgraded Investment Pool for a winning ICO, list of competing Blockchain startups in the Battle, new Sponsors, event Attendees and opportunity for you to get Crypto portfolio worth up to $500. The upcoming #iCoinSummit, taking place on 9-10 May 2018 in Limassol (Cyprus), is reaching the new heights while planning for the 2 big Blockchain days dedicated to education and innovation.

The #iCoinSummit is bringing 30+ speakers, 16 ICOs, dozens of institutional investors, family offices, compliance advisers, technology providers, academics, regulators and many more together for a unique event. Besides the speakers, attendee list is also very diverse; the event brings Microsoft, Cobinhood, AAA Trade, and Enkonix. The Sponsors list has also got extended, listing The Naga Group, Dias Group, ICO Soft and VR Xperience.

The 16 Blockchain startups, who will be competing in the ICO Battle feature some of the most prominent projects, including Decenternet, Loyakk , Heptapolis Energy and Coineru.

The total investment pool, which blockchain startups will be battling for has also increased from initial $250 000 to almost $500 000. What makes this investment pool unique is that, it is not a prize or a gift, it is a real investment pool which the winning ICO will need to convince the investors to get access to their investments. This pool is not just made of USD or ETH or BTC, the winning ICO also gets to a chance to pitch to some of the crypto exchanges to get to be listed free of charge and also get marketing budget credits from leading ICO media channels, including Top ICO List and AtoZ Markets.

Our founder and chief blogger of DisruptEurope.eu Panis Pieri will be attending the disruptive event and we will bring you live updates via our Twitter account and our website. Stay tuned…

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