Experience the future through VR

Virtual Re­ality has rapidly moved from sci-fi hype to everyday reality. Projections indicate 1.4bn VR headsets will be in use by 2021, positioning VR firmly in the mainstream across all sectors.

In PWC they have created a unique Virtual Reality world that allows you to step into 2030 and walk through the city of the future. Immerse yourself in a future where today’s disruptions are everyday normality, to understand what’s coming and analyse how your business fits into the picture. With their Virtual Reality experience, you can truly look disruption in the eye.

And could VR itself be the answer for the future of your operations? Could you improve the way you train your people and collaborate across disparate locations? Could you prototype in a virtual world, carry out dangerous maintenance from a position of safety, or cut your carbon footprint by conducting site visits with a VR drone? Or will these new applications in fact pose a risk to critical revenue streams? We can help you map the future landscape of risk and opportunity offered by Virtual Reality.

Use Virtual Reality to learn about and analyse a disrupted world, then explore what VR could do for you. Your future is now.


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